Power Up Your App with Hoiio API


Hoiio API enable developers to add voice, SMS and DNC services into your apps easily with just a few lines of codes.


What can You do with hoiio aPI?


connect multiple phones

Build conference call, click to call, and other voice solutions on our cloud platform. Hoiio helps you connect to any phones globally, with just a few lines of code.


send sms everywhere

SMS to over 200 countries reliably, quickly and at wholesale pricing. We also support delivery notifications and changing of SMS sender name.


Interact Over Phone Call

Build voice application that interacts with your users over a phone call. With just a few lines of code, you can now do stuff you never think you could - IVR system, automated voice broadcast, voicemail, etc.


Receive Phone Calls

Subscribe to Hoiio virtual numbers to receive phone calls. When someone calls your number, your app decides what to do.